With the Flexi series, the name says it all: multifunctional and flexible use as a full-range top or with a subwoofer. On stage with practical 50° and 35° monitor inclination.

As a special feature, all Flexi loudspeakers have an asymmetrical, rotatable horn with a 5° downward inclined dispersion axis. At close range the horn radiates horizontally at 100° particularly wide and at a distance the angle narrows to 50°. The energy distribution on the audience area is more even. The horizontal constriction at 50° concentrates the sound energy at a distance. This focussing and the 5° downward inclination of the radiation axis also improves the transmission quality, because the listener is reached with more direct sound and unwanted diffuse sound caused by room reflections is reduced.

When used as a stage monitor, the performer can still move very close to the Flexi without leaving the beam angle. If he stands further away, the sound does not change.

The Dual-tilt stand flange allows the speaker to be tilted at 0° and 5° positions.

For flight or tripod operation and mounting in installations, various thread points, swivel brackets as well as wall and mast brackets are available. A Safety-Point allows a Single-Studs with safety rope to be clicked into place for the prescribed secondary protection.


  • Plug&Play passively on any suitable amplifier, even without DSP.
  • Plug&Play on the TENNAX self-powered Subwoofern (Combi-Sets).
  • Plug&Play on Powersoft amplifiers with ready-to-use presets for Armonia Plus software.
  • About the TENNAX (AllDSP) 19“ DSP-Controller with any suitable amplifier. Filter values are already set, limiter values can be adjusted by yourself (Limiter preset to 32 dB amp gain).

Technical Data

LF: 1 x 12" bass-midrange driver
HF: 1 x 1,4" Compression driver

Frequency range
54 Hz - 22 kHz (- 10 dB)
70 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

Coverage range (h x v)
asymmetrical 100° to 50° x 55

8 Ω

Powerhandling (AES / program / peak)
500 W / 1000 W / 2000 W

Sensitivity 1 W/1 m
96 dB SPL

Sound pressure at (AES / program / peak)
123 dB SPL / 126 dB SPL / 129 dB SPL

2 x Neutrik NL4 IN/OUT 1+/- (4-pole looped-through)

Polyurea coating in RAL 9005

Dimensions / Weight
651 (H) × 360 (W) × 373,3 mm (D) / 24,7 kg



Transport cover for Flexi-12

Item no. 5T0120000

Transport cover for Flexi-12 made of stable Codura fabric with padding. All handles are cut out.

U-bracket for Flexi-12

Item no. 4T0121011

Stable swivel bracket for installation on trusses and ceiling. 2 x M10 hexagon head screws included in delivery.

Flat knurled screw M10 x 25 mm

Item no. 999910251

Flat knurled screw M10 x 25 mm, steel black burnished for all u- and c-brackets. As an alternative to the hexagonal bolts supplied with the brackets.

Hand lever M10 x 30 mm

Item no. 600781030

Hand lever M10 x 30 mm, adjustable, flat design, steel black burnished with plastic lever, suitable for all U- and C-brackets.

Tripod transducer

Item no. 999924521

Tripod transducer with threaded pin M10 x 12 mm and large clamping screw for locking to the tripod. For all common speaker stands with Ø 35 mm.

Self-lock clamp

Item no. 999950731

Loudspeakers can be flown by one person with the self-lock clamp. The clamp hooks directly into the truss and can be easily tightened. Load capacity 250 kg.

Truss clamp

Item no. 999981201

With this traverse clamp you can easily and loosely mount your devices to all common traverses with 48-51 mm strap tubes. The clamp impresses with its compact design, its lightness and the maximum tensile load of 100 kg. Locking screw M8 Wing nut and device screw M10.

Eye Bolt M10 x 40 mm

Item no. 999917370

M10 x 40 mm eyebolt, for M10 mounting points. Load capacity 250 kg.

Single stud

Item no. 999957450

Single stud for securing a loudspeaker with safety cable.

Safety 6/1000

Item no. 999963100

1 m safety cable 6 mm Ø for securing a suspended loudspeaker. One side with a screwable quick connect.

Tilting and swivelling wall holder

Item no. 999924481

Wall holder with large wall plate for heavy boxes. The mounted box can be swivelled sideways and tilted up to 30 °. Easy installation due to practical mounting and screwing. Max. load capacity: 25 kg.

Wall holder can be swiveled and tilted

Item no. 999924173

Wall holder with tilt and swivel orientation: 145° horizontal, 30° vertical. The inclination can be fixed in 6 steps. The distance to the wall can be selected in 3 steps. With receptacle for high stand flange. Holder is almost completely covered by the speaker. Max. Load capacity: 25 kg.

Wall holder flange big

Item no. 999924120

Stable wall holder with tilt and swivel orientation: 180° horizontal, 22° vertical adjustable in 11 steps. Expanding mandrel for play-free seating in the tripod base of the speaker. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Wall- and Trussholder

Item no. 999924150

Wall- and Trussholder with a joint and a tube clamp, circa 520 mm long. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Multifunctional rotating ceiling bracket

Item no. 409998001

For hanging speakers from ceilings using steel cables or chains and various accessories. Horizontal alignment due to central pivot axis. Max. load: 60 kg. Available in white and black. Supplied without further mounting accessories.

Telescopic rod

Item no. 999921368

Telescopic rod with expanding mandrel system for play-free seating in the tripod base. Height: 110 to 180 cm. Max. load capacity: 35 kg.

Distance rod with crank

Item no. 999921340

Distance rod for cranking with expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker. Height: 92 - 152 cm. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Speaker stand crank

Item no. 999921300

Stable stand for cranking with double protection against falling. Height: 139 to 218 cm. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Speaker stand

Item no. 999921467

Stable stand with expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker. Double protection against falling. Height: 132 - 220 cm. Max. load capacity: 50 kg.

Carrying bag for 2 x speaker stand/ rod

Item no. 999920000

Carrying bag for two speaker stands or distance rods, also with crank. Two inside compartments with zipper and sturdy handles. Material waterproof nylon.

Cable Clip for speaker stand/ rod

Item no. 999935000

The cable clip made of robust, durable ABS plastic is specially designed for speaker stands and distance rods with 35 - 36 mm tube. It adheres firmly to the tube and holds the cables securely and neatly in the 24 x 16 mm guide accessible from the outside.

Iron base with weight plate

Item no. 999912311

The set includes a flat 10 kg iron base Ø 45 and a 5 kg weight disc. It is suitable distance rods with an M20 screw thread. The weight disc can be mounted tool-free.

Carrying bag for round base Ø 45 cm

Item no. 999912399

Padded bag made of robust, water-repellent nylon, with space for a round base Ø 45 cm with weight disc. The bag has two carrying straps with a soft velcro handle, a sturdy zipper and a transparent window for labels.

speakON cable 0.5/1/3/6/10/15/20/30 m

Item no. 80440XXX1

Speaker cables in various lengths with Neutrik plug NL4FX. 4 x 4 sq mm, each wire 224 x 0.15 copper, diameter 11 mm, weight 273 g / m. Assembled with some pressed ferrules for maximum contact area and minimal contact resistance.

speakON adapter

Item no. 999654669

Adapter to connect two speaker cables.

Connection plate with waterproof PG thread cable gland

Item no. 4T0005000

The angled Speakon connector panel can be exchanged e.g. for installation purposes outdoors against a connector plate with waterproof PG thread cable gland.

Connection plate with Phoenix-contact connector strip

Item no. 4T0004000

The angled Speakon connector panel can be exchanged e.g. for installation purposes for a connection plate with Phoenix contact plug connector.

Phoenix Contact

Item no. 997463649

Phoenix Contact 4 pol. as an alternative to the Neutrik NL4 Speakon IN/OUT.