TENNAX Audiotechnik Deutschland is an audio brand newly founded in 2020 with its headquarters in Germany. The brand belongs to the company SRV Licht- & Tonanlagen, which was founded by Stefan Rast in 1998 and in 2006 created the premium brand Voice-Acoustic.

Behind TENNAX is a team of specialists, each with over 20 years of experience in the professional audio industry. Their goal is to offer high quality sound systems at a price/performance ratio never before achieved. The high level of customer satisfaction, fast support and good service are geared towards sustainable and long-term business success.

The company offers individual loudspeakers, complete sound reinforcement systems, power amplifiers and digital loudspeaker management systems.

The product range will be expanded in the future to include further innovative loudspeaker models.

TENNAX loudspeakers are developed and manufactured in Germany.

System & Technology

TENNAX loudspeakers are not bound to any system electronics. The user has a free choice of amplifier solutions. Many TENNAX loudspeakers can be driven by any amplifier, even without DSP.

For increased reliability and performance TENNAX offers loudspeaker management systems with ready-to-use presets. Filter settings are freely available for use with existing DSP amplifiers or loudspeaker management systems. TENNAX also offers ready-made presets for the Armonia Plus software from the Italian amplifier manufacturer Powersoft. These amplifiers are sold as accessories.

The TENNAX self-powered loudspeakers are equipped with high-quality electronic components from european development. Final assembly and quality control is carried out in Germany. The subwoofers of the Ventus series can also be retrofitted with self-powered electronics.

All TENNAX speaker cabinets are CNC milled, grooved, waterproof glued and screwed. Only high-quality birch multiplex from Finland and Russia is used. The robust surface is coated with scratch, impact and weather resistant polyurea coating.

The carefully selected and developed loudspeaker chassis come from Italian brand manufacturers.

The angled Speakon connector panel in all TENNAX loudspeakers can be exchanged for a connector plate with Phoenix-Contact terminal block or waterproof PG gland.

TENNAX offers extensive and well thought-out accessories for all loudspeakers for mobile use and fixed installations. The loudspeakers have a variety of mounting options.